Bauma 2013 - 1
The Bauma in Munich is held every 3 years, the past reports can be seen here:
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I'll start with my personal favorit, the new WABI-K.150 of W. Biedenbach GmbH from Leipheim. This a innovative indoor-crane for heavy machine installations and lifting in tight spaces.

The base is a Sefiro platform of Greiner, this has got 10 axles (5-axle lines) that have a steering angle of about 95° which make it very manoeuvrable. The platform has got a maximum weight of 190 ton and can carry a load of up to 176,5 ton. Underneath the floor they mounted a 68 hp powerpack. The crane is screwed to the floor with a few bolts and can be removed easily. The 5th axle is optional and can be left out if necessary.

The crane was built by Erkin (World Power) from Turkey and is the model ER-450.000, what means that it's maximum capacity is at 450 t/m. The maximum liftable load is 150 tons. Between the legs on the right they mounted a powerpack for the crane, on top is the swivveling oiltank. This can be rotated out of the way if the ballast has to be in that area. The crane can also be used without ballast, but with a reduced capacity.

The total weight of the Greiner and Erkin, without the jib, is at 63,5 tons. The crane itself weighs in at about 50 tons, meaning it can operate stable without the platform. The swivveling legs allow for flexible outrigging, even in thight areas. The dimensions of the crane are so that it will fit in most buildings, the width is 2,3 meters and the heigt is 2,98 meters.

The base boom extends 8x to 22,5 meter where it can still lift a impressive 13 tons! Closer to the crane this increases like the 42 tons that it can lift at 8 meters. The jib gives a total outreach of 47,8 meters with a load of 1 ton.

Also on this stand stood this ER-150000L, it is mounted on a Volvo FMX 8x4 of the danish company Skaks. The crane has got a lifting capacity of 150 t/m, 27 meter base length and almost 42 meter with the jib.

Palfinger used the Bauma to introduce their new topmodel, the PK 200002 L SH. They showed to cranes, this one belongs to the german company Meiser from Dieburg. It is mounted on a Scania R 10x4*6 8with V8 engine, but without a badge).

They chose a very short wheelbase 10x4 on which Palfinger mounted the crane with subframe. The total weight of this truck is around 42 tons.

The new PK 200002 L SH in G version (that you see here) extends 8x to 24,5 meters where it can lift 3,95 tons. Closer to the crane this increases, like the 10,4 tons it will lift at 11,4 meters. This load can also be taken to a height of about 24 meters.

The crane is supported by 4 big outriggers that extend to the side and are integrated in the subframe. The front bumper holds an additional outrigger for stable lifting to the front. At the front of the subframe they mounted the oiltank and cooling for the hydraulics.

The PJ300LF jib gives an outreach of 45 meters with a capacity of 500 kg. The lifting height is about 48,5 meters max. The DPS Plus system (Dual Power System) increases the lifting capacity of the jib, but therefore 1 extension of the main crane has to stay inside. The outreach decreases to 43 meters, but the jib can then lift a maximum load of 8,2 tons instead of the regular 6,2 tons.

The 6th outrigger of the crane comes out of the rear side of the subframe. It flips up and will retract completely.

The rear has gotten a toolbox that also holds the working platform.

This DAF has already been shown in the press, it is the first PK200002 and it was delivered to Rachbauer. Unfortunately it stood a bit poor with the sun, so the picture wasn't the best. It is mounted on a 4-axled DAF CF85 instead of a 5-axled chassis.

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