Bauma 2007
Short report about the most interesting vehicles.


At the stand of Moog stood this Scania P420 10x4 with a bridge inspection unit. The 2 extra axles (no. 3 and 7) are not suspended are only necessary for stability when working with the unit. They are lifted during transport.



Sisu Germany displayed 2 vehicles, the first one was this Sisu Rock C600 in 10x4 layout. It has the 15 liter Caterpillar engine. The Sisu will go to work in Germany and has gotten a special permit for 44 tons total weight.

The second Sisu was this Crane R500 in 8x4 layout. These trucks are factory fitted with a strengthened chassis to the front, which means that front outrigger can be mounted directly to the vehicle. This Sisu is equiped with the 13 liter 6-cylinder engine of Renault (Volvo) and has a power of 500 hp. A Fassi 800 has been mounted.



Effer showed this impressive 1750 that is mounted onto a Scania R500 8x2. It is a 1750 L that extends 8x hydraulically and also has a 6x extending jib with 2 more manual extensions.



Cormach showed a telescopic crane 1650-VF that was mounted on a Astra 84 44 in 8x4 layout. Also a seperate 125000 was shown, it is standing in front of the Astra.



At MKG stood this interesting Volvo FM480 in 10x4 layout. It is equiped with a MKG HMK 991 HP Ta3-a3, which means that the boom aswell as the jib extend 3x hydraulically. This gives an outreach of 33 meter or a total height of 44 meters. The main boom reaches up to 29,5 meters, at this height the jib has a horizontal outreach of 21 meters. The crane has a lifting capacity of 99 ton/mtr. The Volvo is meant for Switzerland and is converted to a 5-axled truck, it is sold to Meiko Kran.



At Palfinger stood this MAN 35.480 in 8x2 layout. With the Hydrodrive on the 2nd front axle, it can be used temporarely as a 8x4. A Palfinger PK85002F with a PJ170E jib is mounted. Front outriggers have also been mounted, but the front chassis isn’t strengthened.



Fassi showed this good looking DAF XF105.460 8x4 of Meindl Transport from Austria. It is equiped with a Fassi F800.28XP that extends 8x and has 1 manual part. The chassis between the crane and the front bumper has been reinforced for the mounting of the front outriggers. The crane has been mounted by the company Stubenberger.



Scania showed this 5-axled Scania R500 in 10x4 layout for the new Swiss market where these kind of trucks now get a allowed total weight of 40 tonnes.



At the stand of Hiab stood this MAN TGA 35.480 in 8x4 layout. This MAN was also equiped with Hydrodrive so that it can also be used a 8x6. The tractor, owned by Balmer Schwertransporte, has a Hiab 800 with Jib 170 on it.



At HMF stood this Mercedes Actros 4451 8x4 of Scholpp that is equiped with a HMF Thor K8 with a Jib FJ1200-K6. The tractor is equiped with a demountable load box.

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