SAIE 2007 - Knucklebooms

Amco Veba

The italian company Amco Veba displayed this VR85, a crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 74 ton/mtr. The displayed version extends 10x hydraulically, this one reaches a capacity of 65 ton/mtr. The 10 extensions give an impressive outreach of 24,35 meters (with 1 manual part this becomes 26,7 meters). There ist can lift 1,75 tonnes. The displayed crane was mounted to the rear of a Iveco Trakker 360 6x4. The crane is equiped with a set of outriggers that extend to the rear to garanty stability when working in that area.



Big news at Cormach!!
The new model 225000 ist the companies answer to the many requests for heavier truck-mounted cranes. The crane is completely new designed and much larger than the existing topmodel, the 180000. The design stayed the same, which means that this crane can also not fold together and has to be put over the loading floor. The crane can be deliverd in several configurations, starting at E2 (2x hydraulically extending) up to the E9 with Jib4 (9x hydraulically with 4x hydraulical jib). The E2 reaches the maximum lifting capacity of this crane, an impressive 193 ton/mtr! The static allowed torque of this crane is 225 ton/mtr. The crane on display here is a unit with 9 hydraulic extensions, a E9. This has an outreach of 23 meters and can still lift 6,1 tonnes there. More interesting is the lifting capacity at closer range but greater heights. For example at 6,9 meter outreach it can lift 24 tonnes to a height of about 20 meters (lifiting values are preliminary). The displayed crane will stay in Italy and will be built onto a Scania chassis. The last image shows an advertisement that was in several italian magazines, it shows the new outrigger concept of this crane.

Several other cranes where on display, this 125000 E9 was the heaviest one.



The first news at Effer is this new 6S jib (the 4S version was also introduced). It is a stronger and more compact version of the existing jib for the 1250 and the new 1355 cranemodels. The existing jib hat 14 ton/mtr, this new one has 16,4 ton/mtr lifting capacity.

Also big news at Effer!!
They had the new crane model 1355 on display. This crane is Effer’s answer to the growing desire to have a truck mounted crane that is stable in all directions. With rear mounted cranes you usually have to mount extra outriggers to the rear (see the Amco Veba example above). With cranes behind the cab you have to reinforce the chassis between the crane and the front bumper. This usually is an expensive rebuild as there isn’t always enough space near the engine and under the cab. The solution for these problems is the Crosstab outrigger system. It makes use of one leg that is mounted with a fixed angle to the cranebase. On the other side it has a swiveling outrigger that has about the same reach to the front as the fixed one. When both outriggers point forwards (or to the rear with a rear mounted crane) the crane can deliver it’s full lifting power in all directions. Because the outriggers are extending under an angle, a rear mounted crane can also lift something directly behind the truck (between the outriggers). The last image shows a schematic drawing of the concept. The 1355 is a crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 98 ton/mtr (4S version). The displayed version is a 9S. The first 8 extensions have their cylinder on the outside, the 9th cylinder is intergrated inside the boom. The outreach is 22 meters, there it lifts 3,35 tonnes. At the Effer stand it was lifting a complete Effer 470 6S + HD jib 4S in front of the Iveco Trakker 450 8x4 on wich it was mounted. The crane is not completely installed yet, only the cranebase with the outriggers where mounted to the truck (lifting values are preliminary).



Fassi had a lot of single cranes on the stand. At the outer area, at Socage, stood the same Fassi 800 as could be seen at the fare in Milan. The big news at the Fassi stand was the new 950, they displayed the F950AXP.24 (4x hydraulic). This version has lifting capacity of 80,1 ton/mtr and an outreach of 11,65 meters. The topmodel is the F950AXP.28 that extends 8x hydraulically to 20,35 meters. With a 6x hydraulically extending jib this becomes 32,2 meters.



Palfinger had several cranes on the fair. This is a PK85002 on a Scania R480 8x2 of Goitese from Goito (click here to see their PK120000). It is an F-version meaning it extends 7x hydraulically to 17,8 meters. With the installed jib (PJ170 E) this becomes 30,5 meters. With 1 manual part it can even reach a bit more than 32 meters.

Beside the area stood this Volvo FH480 of Cardinale in 8x2 layout. Behind the cab it has a PK150002 installed. It is a G-version that extends 8x hydraulically to 18,8 meters. The PJ170E jib enlarges the outreach with 13 meter to about 32 meters. The crane lifts 4,8 tonnes at 18,8 meters. The jib can still lift 980 kg at 32 meters. With 1 manual extension the total outreach becomes almost 34 meters. The Palfinger stand only had single cranes, the heaviest one was a PK74002.



Another heavy Palfinger, that could also be seen in Milaan, was standing at the stand of Pris-Mag. Pris Mag is a builder of demountable bodies for every kind of transport. Here they mounted a Palfinger PK800 TK on such a body. It is transported with a Iveco EuroTrakker 440 8x4 of Negro Servizi. The crane has an own Iveco engine to make it independent of the truck. A PK800 TK is a crane for building materials with an outreach of about 34 meters. The height at which the second booms bends away is more important, this height is about 30 meters. At this height the second boom still provides an horizontal outreach of almost 22 meters at which it can lift 1,06 tonnes. The crane has 6,5 tonnes of ballast. Maximum lifting height is 45 meters.

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