Bauma 2016 - 1

This MAN TGS 35.480 8x4H*6 with an Atlas 620.3 crane in A6 version (15,5 meter long) was parked at the east entrance of the show. Connected to the boom is a 4x extending jib. The truck is equiped with a lot of tools, which make it a versatile fire fighting truck. It has got a hooklifter, so it can carry different bodies for the jobs. It also is equiped with a Rotzler winch.

At the stand of Atlas this long arm crane was on display, it's the model 280.2V. This type of crane is mainly used for the transport of construction materials, it can 1,52 tons at 15,5 meters. A raised seat is a typical option for these cranes.


A unknown brand from Italy, CO.ME.T, also displayed some cranes. The 250 at the right extends twice and can lift 2,7 tons at 8,13 meters.


At the Cormach stand a lot of single cranes where displayed, here a 34000 and a 50000. The 34000 E5 can lift 1,7 tons at 14 meter. With it's 2x extending jib it can reach up to 20,3 meters with 830 kg. The 50000-E7 can reach 16,45 meters without the jib and still lift 1830 kg. With the jib that gets 26,26 meters with 370 kg. The 50000 model is also available in an E11 version, that can reach up to 25,1 meter without a jib!

An interesting crane and not seen often in Europe is this so called "wallboard" crane, mainly produced for the USA market. The crane is put over the load during transport, it cannot fold. This 30000 WB65 has got 4 extensions and reaches up to 19,84 meter with 840 kg. A load of 2380 kg can be lifted up to 23 meters high. A raised seat is also installed on this crane.

This was the only truck on the stand, an Iveco Stralis 450 8x2 with a Cormach 71000-E7 and F186 jib. This truck was also on display in Verona.

Two more cranes, the 75000-E7 HP and a 150000-E5 HP, both without a jib. The 75000 lifts 10 ton at 5,76 meter, or 3,21 at the maximum reach of 16,17 meters. The heavier 150 model can lift 10,58 tons at 11,03 meters, or a maximum of 30 tons at 3,8 meters.

Here you can read a big report about the 1st Cormach 575000, at the Bauma they presented the 2nd unit. This unit will also be for the same customer, Otman from Israel, only now in red & white. The crane has got the same specifications as the 1st, so again a 575000 AXO E9. It still is an impressive crane!!


Pris-Mag usually builds swap-bodies for trucks, but at this Bauma they presented a tracked carrier that they developed. The base is a Cormach 51800-E8 with a F64 jib, a crane with an outreach of 18,6 meter or 28,65 with the jib. The crane is driven by a 140 hp diesel engine and can drive 2,96 km/h. It can also be driven by an electrical engine. An interesting feature is the liftable upper carriage, this gives better performance in the terrain. The outriggers have multiple sections and can be placed in many different ways. The above shown configuration with X-outriggers gives a maximum base of about 12 by 9,2 meters. With the outriggers at a 90° angle to the crane, this gets 12,46 wide and 4 meter long. Depending on availble space, the outriggers don't have to be fully extended. The own weight of the crane is 23 tons. In transport position, it has got a length of 4,22 meters, a width of 2 meters and is 2,5 meters high.


Copma only had single cranes on their stand. This is a new model, the 1150.8. It lifts 19,4 tons at 4,52 meters, or with the 8x extensions it can reach 19,52 meters with 3,76 tons. This crane doesn't have a jib, but a J6 jib is availble and will give a total outreach of 32,8 meter with a capacity of 820 kg.

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