Scania R500 - Curcio
This is the new Scania of Curcio Trasporti from Cressa (I).

It is a Scania R500 Next Generation in 8x2*6 layout. The 3rd axle is driven, the other axles are steering for good manoeuvrability.

They chose an Effer 2055 as crane. It is standing in driving direction at the back of the truck. Te space between the axles is taken by the large exhaust damper and a rack with support plates.

The Effer 2055 is the 6S version with 14,95 meter outreach with 8,7 tons capacity. The maximum load it can lift is 41,6 tons at 2,7 meters. The crane is equiped with the 6S Heavy Duty jib. This HD jib can lift 2,46 tons at 27,34 meters. But more important is the maximum capacity, it is 11 ton at about 9 meter distance and up to about 17 meters of height! This crane in this configuration is clearly destined for the heavier jobs, like machinery movement.

The installation at the rear like this doesn't allow a folding down sideways. That doesn't really matter, as there is no loading capacity anymore. The rear of the truck has got a extendable set of rear outriggers with tiltable legs. This is nearly the same configuration as this Scania of Geonova at the Bauma 2019.

Directly mounted at the crane's turret are a set of heavy outriggers, as well as behind the cab. They provide stability to all working directions. This is a nice concept for heavy cranes that Effer has already delivered a couple of times.

An additional set of 2 small outriggers where mounted to the front bumper, giving more stability when working in that direction. The dieseltank is mounted on this side of the chassis.

A very nice new crane truck in Italy, I like it very much!

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