Mercedes Arocs 4163 - Brunner

This year the delivery of the new heavy transport trucks from the Arocs series started. This is one of the first of the Arocs 4163 SLT in 8x6 version, it was deliverd to Brunner from Littau (near Luzern - CH).

The Arocs series are meant for construction, that is why this 8x6 truck isn't an Actros but an Arocs. The Arocs can be recognized by the "teeth" in the grill.

The tractor is an 8x6, therefore the wheelbases is about 20 cm longer than a regular 4163. These models are now build at the Mercedes plant in Molsheim. The mufler hangs at the same spot as with the Actros. Brunner installed 2 toolboxes around it.

The tower behind the cab is shielded by 2 covers, the one on this side has got openings for the cooling that is behind it. Interesting detail is the 2nd window on this side, their Titan 3360 6x6 also had this option.

Here we see the tower, this side has got the dieseltank at the bottom and the additional engine cooling on top of that. Remarkable is that the covers with this smaller cab have a different size than on the Actros version. This smaller cover isn't as heigh, so the cooler is now partly covered by the closed part of the cover.

The Arocs was parked at their yard, it wasn't connected to this Goldhofer 2-bed-4 combination.

At the rear of the chassis they installed a Rockinger drawbar, so the tractor can also be used to pull transports. The chassis of the 8x6 is higher, which leaves a lot of free space in the wheel covers. It has leaf springs on all axles.

This side of the tower holds the hydraulic tank, a few air barrels and the battery compartment.

This side of the chassis holds the Ad-Blue tank (the blue lid can be seen through the hole) and a larger toolbox. On top of the chassis we see the extenable ladder, it is in use here. This side of the cab also has got the 2nd window.

From the front it is clearly visible that this Arocs model can only be delivered with the 2,3 meter wide StreamSpace cab, in the version without the flat floor. This one has got a motortunnel in the midle. The bumper has got the nicely integrated drawbar coupling.

With the 8x6 drive you can get a higher total weight in Switzerland. The allowed total weight is in direct relation to the amount of driven axles (or more precisely, to the axle loads of those axles).

Again a nice addition to the Brunner fleet!

A small video of this truck:
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