ÖAF 42.464 - Spiegl

This very nice ÖAF 42.464 (not a 50.464 as mentioned on the door) belongs to Spiegl Transporte from Pettnau. This truck is almost the same as this 42.464 of Sohler transport from Schruns. One difference is the crane, this one has an Effer 1250 8S together with a Jib 6S (Sohler has an Effer 1150). An other difference is the missing torque converter.

This truck is a 8x8 tractor unit (here equiped with a loading box) with a rear axle that has steering and hydraulic suspension (Heplex suspension). The crane has 6 outriggers, 2 at the front bumper, 2 at the crane and 2 at the rear bumper.

Here a view on the crane. It is an Effer 1250 8S with a maximum lifting capacity of 92 ton/m. The crane telescopes 8x till a maximum lenght of 20 meter. There it can lift up to 3,63 ton. Bye mounting a Jib 6S (6 extensions) this length increases to 33,6 meters where it still lifts 640 kg.

Here the rear-side. The rear outriggers are clearly visible.

When I got to see this truck it had to move a 13 ton heavy building crane (displayed on the right). Here the truck is already placed in the right position.

The driver starts setting up his crane. The jib isn’t mounted here. The construction workers are measuring out where the supports of the building crane should be on the new position.

Here a better view on the job. To the right we see the folded together building crane. It is a Potain. It has to be moved to the other side of the ÖAF, beside the blue containers.

Here the new support plates are being put on their new positions.

The crane has been hooked and is ready to be lifted. Inbetween both front outriggers have also been extended..

Slowly the crane is being turned to the other side of the truck...

...to gently put down the load again.

Here we see the jib, it was laid on the loading floor...

...and was connected to the boom after the lifting was done.

Here the crane was extended to it’s maximum height, about 37 meters heigh.
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