MAN TGS 41.480 - Rubatscher
As follow up truck for their ÖAF 50.464 the company Rubatscher again chose a heavy 8x8, now a MAN TGS 41.480. The ÖAF back then has gotten one of the 1st Palfinger 120 t/m cranes, this TGS has also gotten one of very first Palfinger 165002 models that where built.

Instead of a tractor unit, they now opted for a truck with a fixed body.

The complete name of the crane is Palfinger PK165002-TEC7 in G-version with a PJ240E jib. This time the crane was installed directly by Palfinger in their "mounting competence center". This side of the chassis holds the batteries and some storage compartments.

The G-version extends 8x hydraulically to about 18,5 meters where it can still lift 5,6 tons. With the 6x extending jib the outreach is nearly 31 meters, where it can lift 1,6 tons. With the DPS-C system the jib can lift more, when in the main crane 1 section is not extended (only 7x extending). Then the jib can lift a load of up to 8 tons. With the main crane further down, only extended 3x, the jib can lift up to 11,5 tons.

This side of the chassis holds the diesltank and the large mufler. The front board of the body holds a lot of lifting equipment for daily us, like chains and ropes.

Here we see the crane in a village above Innsbruck, busy installing windows. That is job that they do a lot with these cranes in this region and where these cranes are perfect for, as a very acurate instalation is possible.

You can also see a big advantage of these cranes with this kind of work here. Although the location is not so big, the normal road is still open for traffic and doesn't have to be blocked for the crane. The own weight of the truck acts as ballast for the crane, toghether with the outriggers towards the house.

And the next window is on it's way to the house.

The next morning I could photograph the truck again, this time at a construction site in Innsbruck. The MAN has gotten a front outrigger that Palfinger nicely integrates in the design of the truck. The chassis to the front hasn't been reinforced on this unit.

As the new building is surrounded by larger main roads that cannot be blocked, they decided to lift the windows from the inside of the construction site. This way the crane truck isn't blocking any traffic. The main arm of the crane is bringing the height in this case and the jib is used to cover the distance over the roof.

I also took some film footage while the crane was working:
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