Transport CH 2015 - 1

At the stand of Walser Schweiz, the importer for Palfinger in Switzerland, stood this demo crane of Palfinger. It is the new Palfinger PK165002 TEC7 crane, the replacement for the 150002.

The crane is installed on a Scania R 8x4, it is configured as a flatbed.

The new crane is installed behind the cab. It is not just a modified 150, but a completely new designed crane. This can mainly be seen by the shape of the boom parts that now have the same P-profile as the PK200002 has.

I haven't got all the data of the crane yet, but from this viewpoint it looks like it takes up about the same amount off space as a 150002 would. The large oiltank stands on top of the front outriggers. With the development of this crane, Palfinger tried to keep the weight low. This way it is now possible to install it on a regular 4-axled truck with a winch and a jib and still keep the allowed 32 tons total weight.

Here we have a better view of the P-profile. This profile prevents bending and gives more stiffness. The lifting capacity was increased up to 15% over that of the 150002 according to Palfinger. Below are some values from the lifting table that was shown for this crane, this is the G-version (8x extending).
4,4 mtr - 25,9 ton
7,2 mtr - 15,7 ton
14,2 mtr - 7,5 ton
18,5 mtr - 5,7 ton

This crane also has gotten a new jib, this is the PJ240 E. It has got a capacity of 24 ton/mtr and gives the crane an additional 12,6 meter of outreach. That means it wil reach up to 31,1 meter far where it can lift 1,6 tons. The DPS system (Dual Power System) gives the jib more lifting capacity when the base crane isn't fully extended. In this case, the jib can lift a maximum load of 5,7 tons at about 22 meters height (base crane fully extended) and with DPS active it will lift an 8 ton load up to a height of about 20 meters. The maximum load in the table for the jib is 11,5 tons, but not at the end of the jib, it has to be connected to a hook underneath the jib. It reaches this value at about 13 meters of height with the base crane pointing upwards.

According to the press report, the PJ300L jib will also be available for this crane, that would be the same jib as the PK200002 uses. If the crane can still be folded down with it, I don't know, but I will give you about 5 meters of extra outreach. The winch is tiltable, this is the transport position. When the crane is being set up, it will tilt to the side of the main boom. The wire can stay installed during transport.

A flatbed is mounted behind the crane. The headbord is nicely build with a small roof covering the lifting material.

This side holds the dieseltank and a large toolbox.

And here another view from this side. The hoses are put together in a tube on those places where parts move, this way they don't come in contact with the crane. This gives the crane a tidy look. Beside the raised exhaust we see 2 coolers for the hydraulic oil.

I was able to capture the automatic folding, the so called P-Fold mode, in a short video.
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