Solutrans 2011 - 2
At the outdoor area of Palfinger this setup could be seen.
This is a Scania R620 in 8x4 version of Trans Ajolans.
The tractor is equiped with a Palfinger PK85002 that extends 7x and has a 4x extending jib.

Remarkable is the oiltank, it has been placed behind the crane. This way the crane can be placed very close to the rear of the cab. This is the version where the crane stands above the outriggers, making it a very compact crane already.


The stand showed 2 new crane models. This is the PK92002-SH, a crane that stands just below the PK100002 models. This is the F version that extends 7x to 17,8 meter and lifts 3,8 tonnes there.

The 2nd new crane is this PK78002-SH, in the E version (6x) it extends to 15,8 meter and lifts 3,95 tonnes.
ETS Cornut - PM - Cormach

At the stand of ETS-Cornut stood this new PM 100 SP crane together with this jib. Unfortunately there wasn't any information available on the stand, neither is the crane listed on the PM website.

Cornut also imports and mounts Cormach cranes in France. That is why this new Volvo FMX500 8x4 also stood at their stand.
It is equiped with a Cormach 71000 E7 and a F186 jib.
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