Solutrans 2011 - 1
There where 2 interesting trucks with Effer cranes at the Solutrans, this is the first. It's an MAN TGX 35.480 8x4*4, meaning it has a tridem with a steering tag axle.

It is deliverd to a MAN dealer in Cavaillon, a place in the southeast of France. I don't know who will own the truck.

At the back of the MAN chassis an Effer 1355 in 4S version was mounted. This extends 4x hydraulically to 10,95 meters where it can lift 8,97 tonnes. It doesn't have a jib. As this is a very short crane and it's mounted at the rear, I guess that the truck will either be used for the transport of transmorers or for machinery movement.

The chassis rather short for a truck with such a heavy crane at the rear. The lifting stabiltiy comes with the Crosstab outriggers that are part of the crane. These extend sideways and to the rear, giving the crane good stability in all directions.

Here we see how far these outriggers extend to the rear. The empty weight of the truck is about 26 tonnes and it is allowed to have a total weight of 32 tonnes, meaning about 6 tonnes of load could be carried. With a drawbar trailer the total weight increases to 44 tonnes in France.

A nice crane truck, compact and strong.

The 2nd Effer crane truck stood on another outdoor area, it's this MAN TGS 35.480 8x2 of TLMS.

Behind the cab stands an Effer 955 8S with a jib 6S. The crane reaches up to 33,55 meter far (37,76 meter with 2 manual parts) and can lift 720 kg at that distance.

This crane is also equiped with the Crosstab outriggers, meaning the crane can also lift with full load to the front.


Also outdoors stood this Fassi on a very nice Volvo FH16-700 in 8x4 version.

The truck belongs to TMM (Trans Manu Machines) and is equiped with a heavy Fassi, a F1500AXP.28. That crane extends 8x to a length of 19,4 meter where 4,465 tonnes can be lifted. It doesn't have a jib.

The Volvo is equiped with a loading box, but it can also be used as a tractor.

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