SAIE - Bologna - 2010 - 1

Bertoja showed this interesting lowloader wich has a very open area around the axles.

Cometto had this 5-axled semi lowloader...

...and also introduced a new generation of module axles. Here we see the 4-axled unit. It can be combined with other axle modules asswell as with different floors and adapters. The maximum axle load depends on the speed, it can be 17 tons at 80 km/h up to 34 tons a 5 km/h. This 4-axled unit weighs 15,8 tons and can be operated with a drawbar like here, but can also be equiped with a goose neck for use as a trailer.

Copma / Pesci

Copma and Pesci shared 1 stand. The big news was this gigantic Copma 1600, a crane that stands above the 150 t/mtr and reaches towards the 175 t/mtr class. The base crane has 4 extensions (119,2 t/mtr / 10,9 mtr outreach), shown here is the longest version, it is the 1600.9 model. This crane has a capacity of 111 t/mtr and the boom reaches 21, 2 meter. This 9x extending version can be delivered with a 7x extending jib that gives a total outreach of 36 meters. The range also offers a 6x and an 8x extending version, where the 8x version can also be combined with the jib.

The crane was only mounted with it's subframe on an Iveco, it isn't completely installed here.


At the Cormach stand stood a 80000-E8 with F186 jib which was mounted on a Scania R480 8x2 with a flatbed. The jib lifted a basket. The base crane extends 8x hydraulically to 18 meters where it still lifts 3,06 tons. With jib it can reach up to 30,18 meters with 800 kg capacity. The maximum capacity at the jib is 7,15 tons. At the flatbed we see a excavator for use in the mountains, it is built by the daughter company Euromach.

The new model and successor of the 65000 model, the 67000, was also on display. Another interesting crane on display was the heavy 180000 in 6x extending version.

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