SAIE 2008 - 1
Copma 2000
Copma showed the new topmodel, the 1100 series. The lifting table is also shown, please note: values are preliminary!!

On the outer area there was this Copma 990 that is mounted on a MAN TGS 35.480 8x4. It is owned by Caprara Construzioni.

It is a 990.7, so it has a 7x extending boom with an outreach of 18,25 meter where it can still lift 3,5 tonnes. With the 6x extending jib the total outreach becomes 31,55 meter. The jib has a workmansbasket so that it becomes a multifunctional crane truck.

At this side of the chassis, behind the steel plate, an aggregate is mounted that can drive the crane without having to use the truck engine. It has a Copma 870 and a 600A on the loading floor.


Cormach had this Scania R620 8x4 at display. It has a Cormach 125000 crane mounted behind the cab. It is a E9 model, which extends 9x hydraulically to 18,93 meter and can lift 4,55 tons there. With the F186 jib the outreach becomes 31,15 meter with a lifting capacity of 1,1 tons. The crane is equiped with a winch. The excavator that is standing on the loading floor of the truck is a Euromach, build by a daughter-company. It is a special excavator for use in mountaines areas.

This is the 2nd Cormach 125000 at the stand, it is a 125000 E5 BNG. This crane was modified on many points to meet the desires of the customer, a processor of nuclear waste. It will not be mounted on a truck, but will be installed in a hal. The crane will be used with a complex clammshell that can move in all directions. Therefore the crane has the large amount of control lines on top of it's telescopic boom. Furtermore the crane is equiped with a extended monitoring system that controls the allowed movements in all situations.

The highlight of the stand was this Cormach 230000A-E9 Jib C4 that was built on a DAF CF 85.410 8x4 and will be delivered to Van Egdom in Belgium. It is the 2nd crane of this type, the first one was introduced at the end of 2007. In the meantime the type changed from 225000 to 230000.

The difference between this crane and the 1st one is the jib. They designed a new jib that, when folded, is more compact because it is mounted in the crane. The outreach is 1 meter less than with the other jib, it is now 44,9 meter where it can lift 650 kg.

The crane of Van Egdom also has swivveling legs at the rear. The crane folds between these legs during road transport, the supporting strut can be seen here.

The base crane, the E9, can extend 9x hydraulically and can lift 6,12 ton at 23 meters.


At the Effer stand this DAF CF 85.510 8x4 of Montaco from Belgium was at display. It is equiped with an Effer 1355 with the Crosstab outriggers. The crane is mounted on a demountable frame that can be turned around. At the IAA it was displayed with the crane behind the cab, here they showed the variant where the crane is rear mounted. In this configuration the crane has 100% capacity to the rear, with the crane behind the cab it has 90% capacity to the front. The fifth wheel of course has no use here, but when it is rotated it can carry a lowloader with a special high neck.

A new crane model is this 1155 that was shown here in the 8S version. The crane is very compact because the outriggers are mounted underneath the slew ring. Despite this, the crane still has a normal support frame that can be welded to the rest of the frame, so it doesn't have to be bolted onto a seperate support frame. This keeps the height low and the mounting simple. Please note: lifting table is preliminary!!

At the stand of Pris-Mag this MAN TGS 35.480 8x2 with hydrodrive was shown. It is equiped with a demountable loading box on which an Effer 850 is mounted.

Eurogru Amici

Eurogru showed 2 crane, this is a 150.35 on an Iveco Trakker 500 8x4 of Battazza. It is a 150 tonnes crane with 35 meter hook-height. With jib it will reach 46 meters.

Beside it stood this 160.30, a 160 tonnes crane with a boom height of 30 meters. It is mounted on a Volvo FM440 8x4 and is owned by Sarca Trasporti.

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