Cormach - Demonstratie 225000 - 1

On a cold day in december 2007 there was a demonstration of the new topmodel at the Cormach factory at Montichiari (I). It is the 225000 E9 A.S.C. Plus Goliath, it was already shown as a single crane at the SAIE 2007.

When I got there the crane was already working on the test field of Cormach. Here it can be seen with the 4x extending jib, this gives a hook-height of 50 meters!

This crane has been sold to the italian company Quaranta. It has been mounted on a Scania R470 8x4 chassis.

The complete subframe (everything in the blue colour) is stable by itself, the Scania isn’t intergrated in this frame. The truck is there to transport the crane, drive the PTO and also serves as ballast.

Triple extending outriggers are mounted at the front of the frame. At the back there are 2 swiveling outriggers that extend twice. This combination gives a support base of about 12 meter wide and 7,4 meter long.

This E9 base crane gives the jib a horizontal working height of almost 30 meters. The horizontal reach at that height is 22 meters. The complete truck with crane and jib weighs a little more than 38 tonnes.

A view from the top. In front of the crane is the oiltank.

The maximum outreach of this crane is 45,9 meters where it will still lift 680 kg.

A better view on the long jib. The winchcable runs via several rolls and through a opening from the bottomside to the top op the jib. This way the cable can stay installed in folded position.

The jib was disconnected after the first demonstration. Therefore they first remove the winchcable, then put the jib on the floor and remove the connection rod.

After that the main boom of the crane is being pulled back en the jib is loose. The jib mounting is lowered before the hydraulic lines are disconnected.

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