SAIE 2004 - Knucklebooms


Cormach showed here the same cranes a on the Bauma. The Scania of Giolo was also on display at the Bauma. Here you will see a few more pictures of this impressive machine. The crane is a Cormach 180000 E6 with Jib 4. This crane has lifting capacity of almost 130 ton/mtr. The maximum length with jib is 39,56 mtr. Furtermore there where the 125000 E9 with F186 Jib that extends 6x, the 51800, the 65000 E6, the 40400 and the, also shown at the Bauma, 100000 E2 for the army. All these cranes characterize themself by the concept where the telescopic boom folds between the foot of the crane.



On the Effer stand there was this Sivi Iveco 8x6 of Bocchi s.r.l. with an Effer 1750 8S with Jib 6S. This is the longest configuration that is available for the 1750. It reaches a height of 43 meters. The lifting capacity of the 1750 8S is about 120 ton/mtr (without jib). This Iveco will be used with a worksmen basket in the marmer quarry’s in Italy. Below are some more pictures of this truck. Pay attention to the outriggers at the rear side of the chassis (picture at the left bottom), in total it is equiped with 6 outriggers. Furtermore there was the 1550 J power, a new crane model of Effer that was mounted on a 8x2 Scania. Unfortunately it was almost impossible to photograph it. The crane is a 1550 6S with a Jib 6S with 2 more manual extensions. Also present, but not vehicle mounted, where the 850 (blue) and the 550 (yellow), both with jib.



At Fassi's stand there where no trucks, only cranes. The largest one is this F1500AXP.26. It extends 6x and then reaches a length of 15,25 mtr. Maximum lifting capacity is 108 ton/mtr. This one is also equiped with a large winch. Further there where almost all the larger models. For instance the F1000XP (84-92 ton/mtr) and the new F1300AXP.26 with L516 Jib and a capacity of 91,5 ton/mtr. Maximum length with jib is 27,55 mtr.



Hiab showed this MAN TGA 41.460 8x4 of Monti. It is equiped with a Hiab XS 700 E7 and a Jib 135X4. This configuration reaches 27,1 mtr. I also found the Hiab 033T on a crawler carriage interesting, very usefull in cramped areas.



On the HMF stand I saw this Scania 8x2 with a Thor. It is a Thor K8 with a standard outreach of 20,3 meter. With a Jib FJ1200-K6 this increases to a bit more than 37 meter. The Scania was equiped with a 3-way tipperchassis (tipper itself was missing).



At Palfinger there was this nice Volvo FH12-460 8x2 with a Palfinger PK100002F and a PJ170 jib. With this configuration it reaches as far as 32 mtr. Furtermore they had several normal and smaller cranes on display, asswell as the premiere of the IAA 2004, the PK1500002. This crane is a evolution of the PK120000 and has a raised capacity (up till 116 ton/mtr). The capacity of the model shown here, the PK150002G, is 106 ton/mtr. This crane has a standard outreach of 18,8 mtr, with a PJ170 jib this can be extended to 31,2 mtr.



On the Pesci stand there where not so much cranes. The most interesting one is the last on in the row, the SPE560. This crane is a special development for small but heavy goods (like transformators). Because the telescopic boom is mounted differently to the main boom it can lift the goods much closer to the crane. The advantage is that heavy stuff can be lifted with a lighter crane, the disadvantage is obviously the smaller outreach.



A new crane brand for me was Stern Gru from Italy. This manufacturer displayed a telescopic truckcrane and this huge knuckleboom crane. The model displayed here is the Stern STP 2000/6 that extends 6x. It has an reach of 17,35 without jib and 39,35 mtr with a 4x extendable jib. The capacity of the crane is 131,5 ton/mtr.

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