Launch of the MS-Seegold 1

In the harbour of Friedrichshafen, a new ship had to be put into the water, the MS-Seegold. It was built at a yard near Bonn. The first part of the trip took place over the water, all the way to Heilbronn. From there on it traveled via the road to Friedrichshafen, a trip that took a whole week. I made pictures of the lift in the harbour.

Eric Konijn tipped me on this lift, many thanks for that.
You can find his site here: http://www.trucks-cranes.nl/

At saterday 2 cranes where being set up in the harbour. This is a Liebherr LTM1400-7.1 of Paule from Stuttgart.

Here it was busy unloading all the parts of ballast that they brought with them.

Here they already installed the base plate and 2 blocks of 10 ton, the rest is put beside the crane. It wasn't standing at the right spot yet, as the boat would need that space when it arrives. So the crane had to be moved the next day.

The 2nd crane is also a Liebherr, a LTM1350-6.1 of Wiesbauer from Bietigheim. This was already fully equiped on the sunday morning.

It has got a total of 140 ton ballast on the upper carriage.

The fixed mounted harbour crane made it necessary to move the crane further to the right. The outriggers where placed over the hedge because of that.

The Wiesbauer crane started to install several loose parts on the sunday morning.

Somewhat later the Paule crane was also installed to the right position.

It was placed with the rear to the water. It has got 120 tons of ballast.

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