Mawev 2006 - 1

Mawev is the Alliance of Austrian machine manufacturers. This alliance arranges a equipment exhibition for it’s members every 3 years. This year the show was held at the industrial area of Enns (A). I will show the most interesting loader cranes of this show in this photoreport.

Kogler Krantechnik

Kogler Krantechnik had a large area with several loader cranes mounted on trucks.

This Fassi 600 is mounted on a Mercedes Actros 6x4. It is a tractor with a loader box. The crane extends 6x hydraulically and the jib another 4x hydraulically. This gives an outreach of 26,15 meter. The lifting capacity is about 53 ton/mtr.

At the other corner of the area stood this new Scania R580 8x4 of Harald Huber.

It’s a tractor that has been equiped with a loading box. The crane is a Fassi F1100AXP.28 with a L426 jib. This is a crane with a lifting capacity of almost 86 ton/mtr. It extends 8x hydraulically and has an outreach of 19,65 meters. A load of 3,32 tons can be lifted at that distance.

The jib extends 6x hydraulically and extends the outreach to 33,35 meters. The load may still weigh 600 kg at that distance. This jib is also equiped with 3 manual extensions that give a total outreach of 37 meters.

The empty vehicle weight of a tractor like this is about 28 tons, a little bit more with the loading box mounted. At the end of the chassis they mounted a drawbar coupling so that a drawbar trailer can be pulled. Above the coupling we see the support frame that runs all the way from the crane to the rear outriggers to give a good stability.

Outriggers have been mounted around the truck for good stability during crane work. The outriggers at the front bumper provide stability when the crane is lifting to the front side of the truck. A development that is seen more often nowadays is the reinforcement of the chassis between the crane and the front bumper. This way the front outriggers are allowed to support a higher load than the normal load that is allowed by the truck manufacturer. This Scania also has a reinforced chassis in the front area.

Extended to full height! This truck was built up by Stubenberger.

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