Lastbil 2008 Elmia - 1

The Lastbil is an exhibition for transport material that is held every 2nd year in the Elmia building in Jönköping - Sweden and is recond as a very important event for the nordic countries.

Here I will show 1 photo per truck with some information. Some trucks will be displayed in a seperate report in the coming weeks, these will be linked back to this report.

The rest of the pictures can be found in this galery

At the stand of AG Trailers stood this nice Meusburger machinery-trailer with widenable curtains and a sliding roof.
Allison Transmission

At the stand of Allison stood this very interesting Scania R620 8x4 of Maskintransport a/s from Norway. The truck is equiped with an Allison 4700 series fully automatic gearbox.

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At BJ-Kaross, the Effer dealer for Sweden, this Effer 1550 that is mounted on a Scania R420 8x4 was on display.

This very nice Scania R500 8x4 with Fassi 1300 stood at the Fassi stand. The tractor is coupled to a 2-axled semi lowloader.

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Also on display was this Volvo FH13-480 with the new model, the 950, that is mounted here on a completely demountable frame.

The next 2 crane trucks stood at the Nordic Trophy, the truckshow event that takes place in the weekend of the Lastbil exhibition. This is a Scania R480 8x2 with a Fassi 1100 of Jim Aaltonen.

And this is his newest, a R620 8x2 with a Fassi 950 crane and a 2-axled Faymonville lowloader.

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At the Lastbil stood 3 x Hiab 1055 in total, all at different stands, but all built by the finnish company Tyllis. This is the nice 1055 on a Scania 8x4 of Vuorsola from Pori in Finland. It is a tractor that has a small loading box mounted here, the chassis has been reinforced to the front.

This is the 2nd 1055, on a FH16-540 8x4 that will be working on Iceland. This truck also has a reinforced frame to the front.
And this is the 3rd 1055 that was at display, mounted on a FH480 8x4 for Norway, also with a reinforced frame to the front.
Gehab had this nice Hiab 700 at display that is mounted on a Scania R 8x4 for MT Betong.
At the Hiab stand stood also this 600 that is mounted on a FH 8x2.
The heaviest HMF crane at display was this Thor unit that is mounted on a Scania R420 8x2 for LBC Malmo.
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