P. Brame & Straumann - Turbine Transport 1

When I came at the crossing near Alstom, the transport had already started. The first transport that rolled over the crossing was that of a 199 tonnes Turbine.

That transport was pulled by this very good looking Scania T144G-530 6x4 of Straumann from Colmar (F). This tractor is equiped with a Scania torque converter.

The second transport of a 207 tonnes turbine followed directly and was pulled by this, also really good looking, Scania R164G-580 8x4 of P. Brame transport from Colmar/Wintzenheim (F).

Here we see how the transport drives over a large roundabout, on it’s way to the city-exit.

In spite of the 2 tractors and a total power of 970 hp (the pushing Renault has 390 hp), the speed on such inclines isn’t higher than 5 to 10 km/h. The total vehicle weight is about 350 tonnes!!

A few times there had to be driven on the other side of this road, that leads from Belfort to Mullhouse. This is done because the right track is to small.

Shortly for Mullhouse there was this roundabout. Both transports took it in the false direction. Here we see the Straumann transport entering it, in the background we also see the Brame combination.

The pushing truck is a MAN 40.440 6x6.

The turbine is loaden on a 13 axled, in width adjustable, Nicolas platform.

Here we see the Brame combination on the roundabout. They use a 15 axled Nicolas platform which has 3 pendular axles beside eachother. This gives it a width of 4,8 meter. During this transport a few of these motor police officers where there.

The entire route has been adapted to this kind of transports. At every bridge they created a special strip. The transport leaves the road via the normal exit and then comes back on the road again, on the other side of the bridge, via this special strip.

The Straumann transport just drove around a bridge and drives onto the highway again via such a strip.

This is the last picture I could take of this transport. On the highway both transports drove with a half hour distance to eachother. I stayed with the Brame transport.

Click on the left picture to watch a movie in which Brame also drives around this bridge.

Movie is +/-7 Mb large and needs an up-to-date Quicktime installation.

If no other options exist, then the transport has to use an exit as an access. Once they reach the highway they inmediately change to the other lane.

Here the transport had to drive over smaller roads to get to Colmar. On these kind of intersections the transport has to slalom between the stopping-lights.

Lunchbreak, after 4,5 hours of driving, they parked the transport near Selestat on a special parking strip.

Here we have a somewhat better view on the Renault R390 6x4 ...

...and the Scania 164G-580, but more of that later on.

The break is over and the transport moves onto the highway again.

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