516 ton transport in Betzigau - 1

The company Daher (was DB transport, then HCS/NCS, now Daher) from Hanau (D) is specialized in transporting heavy loads via railway. Especially a lot of heavy transformers and similar components for the energy sector find their way to the local substations via the railways.

For these tasks they often use their self-propelled platforms from Scheuerle. These are being towed to the destination with these Mercedes Actros 3365 6x6 SLT tractor units. The tractors can also be used for heavy haulage as well.

As they need 2 platforms for this job, there where also 2 of these Actros tractors. Both are from the MP3 model range and have 6x6 drive with the 650 hp V8 engine.

The 6x6 drive, and therefore driven front axle, makes the chassis stand higher than normally. In the middle you can see the shadow of the drop box below the toolboxes, that devides the drive power between the front and rear axles.

Both tractors are identical and are equiped with a ballastbox.

This side of the chassis holds the mufler and 2 toolboxes.

Behind the cab stands the tower. In that stands the hydraulic tank at the left side, the dieseltank at the bottom and on the right top side there is the additional engine cooling. On top of that are 2 cooling units for the Voith VIAB hydraulic clutch.

The rear of the chassis holds a heavy drawbar coupling and a solid side-beam, it is from Rockinger.

The rear fenders where made out of steel plate.

This side of the chassis was also used to place a large toolbox. Beside that we see the Ad-Blue tank and the air-filter.

The front of the truck has got the heavy bumper with heavy transport coupling, so that it can also push transports.

And here we see the entire combination of Mercedes with a Scheuerle as trailer.

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