Autohilfe - Open day - 1

At the 14th of June there was an open day at the Autohilfe from Z├╝rich. At this day almost all of their equipment was displayed. Here we have an overview of some of the vehicles.

Saurer D290 Recovery vehicle with 6,5 ton slidebed. There is a 10t/m crane mounted behind the cab.

Mercedes 914 with a 4 ton slidebed.

The beautifull Mercedes Actros 4153 with Boniface Masterlift recovery unit. More pictures can be found here.

M.A.N. 18.364 cartransporter for the transportation of damaged- and exchange cars.

Hidden in a corner!! A Berna D330 with a large Fassi crane and a small towing crane.

This Mercedes Atego with boxed body is actually a cartransporter for exclusive cars. It is equiped with a slidebed.

Ford F450 Towlift with 2 x 5 ton winches and a extendable 5 ton lifting arm.

An Iveco 45.10 with a towlift and a 4 ton winch.

Mercedes Sprinter 412D with lifting boom and a 4 ton winch.

Mercedes Sprinter 416 tractor with a cartransporter-trailer.

Parked in the building: Pinzgauer 4x4

The 2nd large recovery truck of Autohilfe is this Mercedes SK3544 8x4.

It is equiped with a 43 t/m Fassi crane and an Boniface Recoverer Aufbau.

Here we got a better view of the crane. It has a high mounted seat wich gives the operator a better view on the job.

At the rearside we see the recovery unit. The boom can lift up to 30 tons. Also 2 wiches with both 25 ton capacity are build into this unit. The benefit of these winches was made clear during a demonstration later on. Behind the rear axles they mounted to struts. These prevent the truck from sliding away during heavy towing.

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