Scania R164G-580 - Vagn Poulsen a/s

This Scania R164G-480 8x4 tractor belongs to the company Vagn Poulsen a/s from Sørvad (DK).

It’s a tractor that is mostly used as a truck, optional with a drawbar trailer.

Behind the cab stands the first Fassi 1500 that was delivered to Danmark, this was is in 2003. It is visible that that the crane has been modified. It is standing further to the rear and has gotten a cab. The normal plastic oil-tank has been replaced by steel tank that is standing between the toolboxes.

Top-view of the truck. The loading box is mounted on the fifth wheel. The fifth wheel is only used on building sites, when there is not enough room for 2 trucks. Because of the heigh own weight (almost 32 tons) the truck cannot carry a trailer on the normal road anymore. On the crane we see 2 winches, a common option for lifting concrete parts. One winch is used to lift the plates where the second one is used to tilt them in the air before they are put down to their place. This option also requires the two pulleys.

A better view on the crane. The turntable is mounted further away from the front supports. This gives a better weight distribution, the necessary space for the crane-cab, but most of all more lifting stability to the front. The cab is built in Danmark and is not available from Fassi. Because Poulse mainly transports and lifts concrete parts (prefab), these cranes get a lot of working hours. In bad wetter conditions a crane cab is therefore not an excess luxury.

A view on the other side of the tractor. A large toolbox has been mounted between the axles here. Also before the crane and above the front outriggers they mounted toolboxes, this way all the necessary lifting equipment can be stored.

The support plates are stored below the toolbox. The crane is a F1500AXp.28, what means that the crane extends 8x hydraulically to a length of 19,4 meters. Here it still lifts 4,465 tons. Further it has 5 manual extensions. The total length of these extensions is unknown to me, the Fassi documentation only mentions 3 pieces. As those extensions all have a length of about 2,5 meter the total extension should be about 12,5 meter. The crane length then gets about 31,9 meter.

Here we also see that, to have hydraulic controls in the cab, all the hoses have to be rerouted from the crane-foot to the cab and back. In the background we see other crane-trucks of Poulsen, for example a Fassi 660 or an Effer 48N. These also all have a cab on their crane.

The 2nd front axle of a Scania is mounted a bit further to the rear. This gives a better weight distribution because it is now mounted directly underneath the crane. At this side we also see the cooler of the crane.

A nice crane truck that is has been completely modified for the work it has to do.

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