Scania R730 - Oswald Matt
This is the Scania of the Oswald Matt Group, a producer and rental company of mobile containers. Another activity within the group is the construction of factory halls.

The base is a Scania R730 in 8x2*6 layout, meaning it has 1 driven axle and 3 steered axles for good manouevrability.

The truck was built for the container installation business, where they paid attention to a low chassis height while using having a large crane. This side of the chassis holds the Ad-Blue tank and some air barrels. The muffler was placed behind the 2nd axle, together with a large toolbox.

A Palfinger PK165002 TEC7 crane was installed behind the cab, it is one of the first that was delivered in 2016.

They didn't install a flatbed behind the crane, but a single subframe with twistlocks at both ends. The container units all have twistlocks, so they fit perfectly on this frame. The rear of the frame can be extended to fit larger modules.

By keeping the subframe low and using the small tyres and having air suspension all around, the chassis height could be kept low enough to transport modules within the allowed 4 meters. These units cannot be to heavy off course, as 32 ton total weight is the german limit.

The crane is the G-version, meaning that it extends 8x tot 18,5 meter with 5,7 ton capacity. That is enough for many standard containers that weigh around 4 to 4,5 tons. But the trend is going towards fully equiped and more complex units, that off course also have more weight. Luckely this crane has enough capacity for heavier loads, as for example it can lift 10,5 tons at 10,5 meters outreach.

The installtion of the truck and body was done at the Palfinger Mounting Competence Center in Lengau (A). This side of the chassis holds the batteries, a small toolbox and the dieseltank.

The chassis has got the standard available double liners of Scania, they allow for 10 tons of pressure on the front outrigger. That is enough to lift a container over the front of the truck.

Here the crane was set up for a quick demonstration. The heavy V8 is not only a joy to ride, but it also allows the engine to run at a lower speed during craning. This engine already has enough power available at lower speeds to always keep the PTO's running.

The Palfinger is equiped with a jib, often it is easier to install container with the jib than the main boom. It is the PJ240E with the DPS-C option. This jib gives a total outreach of 31,2 meters with 1600 kg. At 22 meters height, it can still lift a maximum load of 5,7 tons. With the DPS system, that value increases to 8 ton when the last extension of the main crane is not extended. The maximum load that the jib can carry is 11,5 tons, that can be lifted with up to 3 extensions of the main boom extended.

The chains are stored in a box above the rear outriggers. They are installed here and are mounted to a special adapter at the top of the jib.

Here a standard unit was used for the lift.

In this setup, with 3 extensions on the main boom, the jib can still lift about 10,5 tons. Due to the DSP-C, meaning Dual Power System Continues, the capacity of the jib is constantly re-calculated according to the setup of the main crane.

Lifting a unit like this at this distance is not an issue for this crane. But many containerparks are larger and with such volumes it is comfortable when the crane can stay in one position for a longer time. With this crane, many units can be installed before repositioning is neccessary.

With lifts to the front, the capacity of the crane is a bit limited, the chassis not strong enough for full capacity. But for a unit like this at this distance, it is not a problem.

Behind the cab stands the large oilcooler for the crane, including 2 oil coolers.

Here we see the rear of the chassis extended. The underrun protection bar automatically extends aswell.

This way the unit can be put onto the chassis.

Here the main crane is extended to it's maximum, so 8x hydraulically. In this position it can still lift about 4 to 4,5 tons at the jib.

The P-profile of Palfinger is made in such a way, that it doesn't bend as much. But wich such a load at this distance, you are still going to see some bending. The crane is also equiped with a winch, that is handy when the container has to be lifted over an obstacle.

A nice purpose made truck!

Here you can see some video footage of this truck.
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