Scania R420 - Emery
The company Emery Abres SA from Mézières (CH) is specialized in the trimming and cutting down of trees.

For that they also use this Scania R420, among other units. The chassis is an 8x4*4, meaning the 1st and last axle are steering, the other 2 are driven.

On this chassis they mounted a Palfinger PK600TK crane. These kind of cranes are used a lot by roofing companies, but with their stable construction they can also be used for this kind of work.

The crane stands on 6 outriggers. The robust subframe lies on top of the Scania chassis and has a heavy set of outriggers at the front and the back. Behind the chassis they mounted two extra outriggers for working over the rear side. On top of the front outriggers we see the workmans basket, to turn it into a high reach lift.

Here the boom of the crane is tilted down. During transport, the boom lies over the cab.

A remarkable item on this crane is the counterweight. It is liftable, which first of all gives it a larger radius and therefore more effect. But also it get's elevated to more than 4 meters of height, which means that traffic on the street can just pass underneath it. This is very helpfull for difficult locations or when working beside the freeway.

Emery had a display on this day and for demonstration purposes some trees got cut. Here the crane unfolds, clearly visible is the special extension with the graple.

The crane extends 2x hydraulically on the main arm, reaching up to roughly 23 meters of height. The 2nd arm, that is mounted directly to the main arm, also extends twice. With that, the crane reaches up to about 35 meters of height. At that height it can lift 1680 kg, at 23 meter the maximum load is 4,2 tonnes.

A closer look at the graple. This is operated hydraulically and can be adjusted in all directions, so that it is easy to grab every branch. With the built-in chainsaw the branch then gets cut off.

The stable construction of these kind of cranes can handle an a-symetric load like this without any problems. The yellow extension give some extra freedom when positioning the graple.

Then the branch get's put down beside the chipper.

A very cool solution for a highly specialized branche!!

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