Tatra Phoenix 6x6 - Tschann

This Tatra Phoenix demostator of Tschann stood at my local DAF dealer. For me the comeback of this legendary brand in the special sector is good deviation between the other brands!

Tatra uses DAF parts on their Phoenix series, like the Paccar MX engines and the DAF CF cab. This gives them a modern touch and clear engines that meet the current Euro exhaust limitations.

This demonstrator of Tschann from Austria is a 6x6 tractor unit.

An interesting fact of the Tatra trucks is the step-frame. Above the front axle the chassis is higher, so that the engine fits above the driven axle. But behind that, the chassis steps down and gives a normal height.

Behind the engine hangs a manual ZF transmission. The rest of the driveline is typical Tatra, so with a central tube frame that contains the comple drivetrain. This tube also serves as the backbone of the whole truck, everything is connected to it.

A nice aspect of this tube frame is, that basically every possible axle setup is possible. In this case a 6x6*4 was built, so with a driven and hydraulically steered rear axle. This gives a very manouevrable chassis with the turning circle of a normal 4x4 unit.

In the meantime also some Tatra's where delivered where all the axle can steer, for maximum mobility.

The typeplate indicated that the empty weight of this unit is about 11,5 tons. With the independent axle suspension with air, this truck makes a capable offroader.

Also in Germany some Tatra's found their way, in my area three 4x4 tractors are in service now.

A very cool truck, I hope more of these special units i all kinds of configurations will come here over time!

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