Renault C520 - Eberle
The company Eberle from Triesenberg (LI) has got, besides a Renault dealership, a transport company. In this company they of course use Renault trucks. This is the latetst addition to the crane fleet, a Renault C520 with Fassi F2150.

The Renault C520 was equiped with the day cab. It has got the 13 liter 6-cylinder engine with 520 hp. Behind the cab stands the 2-part exhaust that has a more compact installation size than the single exhaust. Above the exhaust we see storage for 2 manual extensions for the crane.

A remarkable setup with the outrigger here. The outrigger at this side couldn't tilt all the way down, as a path was going uphill here. In mountaines areas it happens often that there isn't enough space for all outriggers. Here the leg was tilted up and the outrigger beam was supported on a pile of wood. The sensors in the beam still detect that this outrigger is being properly supported.

The crane is mounted rather central on the chassis. A small flatbed is installed behind the crane, it is mostly used to transport lifting equipment, like 2 glass suction adapters here. It still has some loading capacity left, a couple of tons, so some load could be transported to the site. The chassis is a 10x4*6, meaning it was a 8x4 that has gotten a steered last axle installed. The conversion was done by ST-Truck. The wheelbase is very short, which gives this truck a very good manouevrability.

The chosen crane is the topmodel from Fassi, the F2150RA.2.28 in regular version. This crane extends 8x hydraulically to 19,4 meter, or 26,8 meter with the maximum of 3 manual extensions. At 19,4 mter it can still lift 6,5 tons, the maximum capacitiy is 30 tons.

The jib is not the regular version, but the long version, the L816L. This gives the crane, with 6 hydraulic extensions on this jib, a total outreach of 35,6 meters with 1,2 ton capacity. The base crane give a tipping height for the jib of about 24 meters. The maximum outreach at that height is 20,3 meters with 890 kg.

The choise of the long jib means that the crane now has to fold down in driving direction, as it is to wide to fold down sideways. The rear of the chassis holds a heavy outrigger beam that also extends 3x, giving proper stability for lifts to the side and rear.

On top of the front outriggers they installed the Ad-Blue tank, the oiltank of the crane and a cooler. Also a toolbox was installed here, with the batteries on top. Between the axles a custom made dieseltank was installed.

From the side we recognize how compact the chassis really is. Also on this side some wood had to be used for the outrigger at the rear, in order to get the truck level.

One of the most important features of this new truck had to be, that it had 100% stability in all directions. The side and rear stability is covered by the large outriggers at the crane and back of the chassis. For the full capacity to the front, the builder Egon Willi had to make a heavy reinforcement around the front part of the chassis. The crane wasn't installed directly behind the cab, but a little further back. This gives a bit more distance to the front outriggers, providing more stability. The crane now has 100% capacity to the front as well, supported on 2 large cylinders that are mounted at the front of the chassis.

Here the truck was busy on a construction site in Liechtenstein. The truck is parked on the driveway, the drawbar trailer stands also the site. This way the road could stay open for other traffic.

Here a larger part of the roof was lifted, it weighs around 2,5 tons. The driver is using the winch for most of these lifts.

With the good stability to the front, the truck can always be parked like this, with the front towards the job. That way the crane is also standing closer to the job site.

One of the nicest crane trucks in this region!

Here is a video of this truck at work.
Update - Früschoppen Wolfurt 2019
At the Frühschoppen event at Schertler in Wolfurt stood this Renault again. Here are some all around pictures of this truck that I took there.
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