MAN FE 460 A - M. Bettella

This MAN FE460A 8x4 belongs to M. Bettella from Padova (I).

An Effer 2100 3S is mounted on this truck. It is a normal 2100, not an STR (like for instance VST). This means that this crane can be folded together. The boom parts of this crane can be longer, therefore it is even a bit longer than a 4-times extendable STR. This crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 168 ton/mtr.
This is the lifting table:
5,67 mtr - 29,3 ton
7,67 mtr - 22 ton
9,67 mtr - 17,3 ton
11,67 mtr - 14,32 ton

Remarkable is the compactness of this truck. This is also made possible by the foldable crane. It does a lot of indoor jobs and therefore has to be manoeuvrable.

A specialty of this crane-unit are the rear outriggers. They can revolve, with the hinge mounted directly beside the foot of the crane. During road transport they point towards the rear of the truck. This has advantages when the truck is working in narrow aisles where you don’t have the space to use normal outriggers that extend sideways. Outriggers that have their hinge at the rear of the chassis would offer a larger outrigger-base, but they can often not revolve the entire way round when the truck is standing in a narrow aisle.

At the right side they mounted a dieseltank. At front, above the outriggers, there is a spare wheel and an oil cooler for the crane.

The front outrigger for this side of the truck is mounted above the axle, therefore the foot has to be flipped up during road transport.

The crane was set up here for demonstration purposes. At this side, above the front outrigger, there is a large oiltank which holds the oil for the crane. The front outriggers extend 3 x , the rears have double extions.

The positioning of the rear outriggers decides how much lifting capacity the crane has in a specific area. If the outriggers are extended far to the rear, the crane has 100% to the rear and aprox. 80% capacity to the sides. If both outriggers are positioned far to the side (almost 180 degrees angle between them) the crane has 100% to both sides, to the rear it’s capacity sinks to aprox. 20%. This way the crane driver can decide where he wants to have the maximum lifting capacity (if there is enough space of course).

Here the crane is set up. It is a 3S crane, which means that it extends 3x hydraulically. Besides that it also has 1 manual extension. To this extension they also mounted the raised hook. This way he can lift as close to the roof as possible.

Thanks to Mr. Bettella and the crane drivers

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