MAN TGX 41.680 - Senn AG

During the open day/festivity for the arrival of the new Liebherr LTM11200 (in the background) this new MAN TGX 41.680 was also at display at Senn AG.

The tractor has been modified for use in Switzerland, it is converted from a 8x4 to a 8x6. This chassis version isn't available from the factory, that is why the truck had to be modified by Toni Maurer.

The tower behind the cab has the standard layout, just like every 680. The dieseltank is mounted at the bottom, the hydraulictank for the trailerhydraulics is mounted above it and on top is the additional cooling for the torque converter and the engine. The only thing that can be noticed is that the heat-exchanger is mounted higher than normal.

Here we see that a heavy Rockinger drawbar coupling has been mounted to the rear of the chassis.

The first thing to notice is the rather low chassisheight at the rear axles, for an 8x6 tractor. This is correct, as the chassis has only been raised at the front and the rear staid at the original height! The front has been raised a bit, the height of the cab is now almost 4 meters, the flashlights therefore had to mounted in front of the cab.

This drawing shows how the form of the chassis at this tractor. Maurer cut the chassis above the 2nd front axle and below the tower. The front end then was lifted to it's new height and the difference was compensated with a slant piece of chassis to compensate the height difference. This slanted piece also houses the drop box that was installed. The front axle was exchanged for a driven model, which is also the reason why the chassis has to be raised (otherwise this axle won't fit underneath the engine). The advantage of this conversion is that many parts don't have to be demounted because the main pieces of chassis stay original.

To have more driven axles is important in Switzerland as this will increase the allowed total weight for exceptional transports. The more weight that rests on driven axles, the higher the total weight is allowed to be.

A very nice addition to the fleet of Senn!!

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