MAN 41.480 - Eurokran
This is the special MAN TGS 6x6 of Eurokran from Bozen (I).

The tractor has got the typeplate TGS 41.480 on the door, but obviously that is not correct. It was originally an 8x8, that is where the 41 tons in the type are coming from.

Toni Maurer converted this truck to a 6x6. The 1st axle of the tandem was removed and the 2nd axle of the tandem was placed on the position of the 1st axle of the tandem. Then the rest of the chassis was cut off. Back in the days, these trucks could be delivered directly via ├ľAF, but that stopped with the TGA series. Of the TGA series I only know 2 units in Austria, and from the TGS this is the only one I know of.

This gives a very short and compact 6x6/4, so a 6x6 with 2 steering front axles. These 2 front axles allow the installation of a rather heavy crane, in this case a Palfinger PK78002-SH. A regular 6x6 with only 1 front axle can normally not carry such a heavy crane on the front.

The main speciality of Eurokran is the transport and installation of the so called fast erecting construction cranes. These are often transported as a drawbar trailer. To be able to manoeuvre better on construction sites or narrow mountain passes, they installed the lower drawbar coupling. This coupling is mounted on a spindle drive and can move to both sides, which helps positioning the crane or get it around the corner.

Behind this TGS hangs a short extendable 2 axled Hangler semi lowloader. It has steeering on both axles and is also equiped with ramps at the back for machinery.

Here a vessel was loaded at the manufacturer.

This side of the chassis holds the large muffler. The rest of the free space was filled with storage compartments. A flatbed can be put on top of the chassis, to be able to use it as a normal truck.

The front of the chassis has gotten a additional support leg that is combined with another drawbar coupling. The chassis is not reinforced, but with a crane of the size that is not such an issue. The trailer here also acts as ballast on the fifth wheel, so the capacity to the front is not that bad.

The drawbar coupling at the front comes in handy on cramped sites. The cranes can be hooked up at the front and then pushed onto the site, giving better view and more manoeuvrability. Also the heavy crane on the 2 front axles give a high load on the steering axles, which helps with the traction. This high weight on the front axles is also very good in the steep Dolomite mountain roads that this company operates on.

The larg tank was loaded with the crane that is available here.

The weight of this tank is a little over 4 tons. With the PK78002-SH in F version, that weight is liftable to about 13,5 meters. It can reach up to 18 meters with 3,25 tons.

A very nice and compact combination, perfect for the mountain region where it is being used!

The crane installation was performed by Naiks. This crane doesn't have a jib.

This classic Cristianini yard crane with articulated steering system was used to load another small tank.

After a drive of 30 minutes to the beautifull region, the destination was reached.

Even though this location was rather good reachable, the 6x6 drive comes in handy anyway. With this compact tractor and the dual steered low loader, such locations are no issue.

The crane is set up and the tank is being lifted, a fine example of the benefits of heavier loader cranes on trucks.

The outriggers cannot be extended complety here, which is often the case on such sites. With enough vehicle mass and the weight of the trailer, this lift isn't any problem.

The outrigger of the crane is not used on this side of the truck, as the height difference made supporting it not so easy. It doesn't make a difference anyway, as the vessel is lifter over the other side of the truck and this leg wouldn't be used anyway.

And about 10 minutes after arriving at the location, the vessel is already at it's position. A nice job for this very flexible crane truck!

Here is a nice video I made of this truck and this job.
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