MAN TGS 33.480 - STM Pugnat
The company STM s.a. Pugnat from Cordon (F) is specialised in lifting work in mountaines areas, aswell as the installation of skilifts etc... Therefore they need some good terrain going trucks, like this MAN TGS 33.480 in 6x6 version.

The MAN hast got a rear mounted Palfinger PK85002 in F version, meaning 7x hydraulic extending to 17,8 meter where it can lift 3,48 tonnes. With the PJ170E jib, 6x extending, that gets 30,6 meters where 980 kg can be lifted. The crane was installed by Cuttaz.

This kind of crane really maxes out the capacity of a 3-axled truck, meaning that it can't carry any load anymore. The flatbed provides room for lifting equipment, aswell the several toolboxes that are installed on the flatbed and to the side of the chassis. Between the bed and the cab there is a heavy set of support legs with upwards tilting legs. On top of that stands the oiltank. All these components also act as ballast against the crane.

Here we see the crane. The crane has got an integral frame, meaning the support legs are mounted beside the slewing ring of the crane. First of all this is better for the stability to the rear, beside that this version is also lower which is important when mounting on a high chassis like this 6x6. Remarkable are the extra rear outriggers, they are tilting versions.

Here we have a better view on the 2 tilting legs. When you rear-mount this kind of crane on a 3-axled unit, you get stability issues when you start to lift to the rear. Therefore you need additional outriggers. The low own weight of the truck doesn't act enough as ballast, also due to the short wheelbase. The tilting outriggers that you see here are a solution that I haven't seen before, although I really like them.

And from the other side. The legs have several advantages:
- the crane doesn't have to be raised in order to install a extendable set of outriggers
- these legs are mounted high and fold downwards, meaning even on large inclining terrain the legs can be used
- even when the terrain between the legs is inclining, the legs can be used

And a close view on these legs. They are welded to the original outrigger beam and have an inside cylinder that pushes the leg down. A big demountable winch is mounted beween the legs, a common piece of equipment when your working on mountaines construction sites.

The crane is mounted on the right spot to be folded exactly between the rear tandem. This side of the chassis also holds a big toolbox, aswell as the dieseltank and the mufler.

The front of the truck holds a big solid piece of iron, it also acts as ballast for the crane.

Here it stand beside another mountain-machine, a MAN 19.463 4x4 tractor with a Palfinger 29005 crane. Beside these they also got a MAN 8x8 with a Palfinger 66000 crane. A nice fleet for doing those jobs in the mountains!
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