Transport.ch - 2011 - 1
The Transport.ch is a transport fare that takes place in Bern - Switzerland. In this report you get to see the crane higlights of the fare.

At the stand of Notter (Fassi importer) Fassi celebrated the world premiere of the F1950. It is the final modelname for the new top of the range that was introduced at the SAIE in 2010 as the F1800.

From the balcony between the hals you had this view, a mighty crane on a nice Scania.

A closer look give you this view. The Scania is owned by the company Caduff s.a. from Tavanasa (CH). It's a Scania R620 in 8x4*4 version, meaning it has 1 front axle and a tridem with 2 driven axles and 1 steering tag axle.

The heavy F1950RA.2.28, meaning it extends 8x, was mounted in the center of the truck. The crane folds together in the driving direction, not sideways. This is not possible because it is mounted directly above the tandem.

Beside the crane lies a manual part that can be mounted in the head of the base crane. It lets you lift closer under the ceiling of a building.

The crane is supported by 7 outriggers in total. The usual set at the front and rear of the frame are 3x extending outriggers. The front bumper holds 1 outrigger to give more support when lifting to the front.

And the rear of the support frame holds another set of swiveling outriggers, these give more stability when lifting to the rear.

A picture of the crane itself. This 8x extending version has a maximum outrach of 19,4 meter where it can still lift 6 tons. Closer, at 11 meters, it can lift 11,15 tons. Maximum load is 30 tons at 4,3 meters. The maximum capacity is 129 ton/mtr.

The version Caduff ordered also has the L816 jib mounted to it. This is a 6x extending jib that gives an outreach of 31 meters. At that distance it can lift 1725 kg. Maximum load at the jib is 6700 kg (or 8000 kg with the optional JDP).

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