Bezoek Lesterhuis Transport

A photoreport of 2 visits to M. Lesterhuis B.V. from Scheemda (NL).

Good maintained and nice looking Scania R143H-450 6x2.

The truck is equiped with a Palfinger P520 crane.

A Scania R113M-360 6x2 tractor with a Palfinger PK 45000 C crane.

Beside that is a Scania R113M-360 6x2 truck with a Palfinger PK 30000.

Effer cranes are also part of the fleet. This Scania R144G-460 6x2 for instance is equiped with an Effer 600 crane that extends 4x hydraulically and also has 1 manual extension.

Look how close the crane has been mounted to the cab.

Another Scania R144G-460 6x2, this one is a tractor.

This tractor is equiped with an Effer 730 that also extends 4x hydraulically and has one manual part.

It is coupled to a 3-axled Broshuis flatbed trailer.

This crane is also built up very compact in order to get a short wheelbase.

For the smaller jobs they use this Volvo FL6 with a Palfinger crane.

Largest truck is this Scania R164G-480 8x2.

It is equiped with a Palfinger PK72002

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