Kran & Hydraulik - Demonstration day 1
Kran & Hydraulik is the swiss Palfinger importer. The company is part of Walser Fahrzeugbau from Rankweil (A).

This nice and compact Volvo FH520 8x4 with Palfinger PK100002 C (4x hydraulic to 11,1 meters/7,72 tonnes) crane is owned by Bauberger. This is copmany that mainly moves/installes machines and therefore needs a short and manoeuvrable vehicle. It is equiped with a PJ170 C, a 4x extending jib.

This is a Palfinger PK60002 on a demountable chassis of the SBB, the swiss railways.

This PK85002 was used for demonstrations. It is mounted at the rear of a Volvo FH520 10x4 of Bernhard Schmid. It is a PK85002F (4,12 tonnes at 17,3 meter) with a PJ170E jib with 1 manual part (total outreach: 32 meter).

Remarkable is the way it is built. The turntable of the crane is not near to the outriggers anymore. The outriggers where disconnected and mounted again at the rear of the crane. The turntable therefore is further away from the outriggers which gives more stability to the rear.

Here the truck is ready to leave the show. I don't know who mounted the 5th axle.

When it isn't carrying a load, the crane is laid over the loading floor, this is better for the weight distribution. Here again, it is visible that the crane is further away from the rear outriggers.

This is a MAN TGS with a Hydrodrive on the 2nd front axle. It is owned by Urs Huber and has a PK44002 mounted behind the cab.

This is the nice DAF XF105.510 with PK100002 of Senn AG. Click here for a larger report.
Badetscher had a Scania R500 6x4 tractor at the show. It is equiped with a demountable loading box. The crane, a PK29002, is also demountable, independent of the loading box.

This is the new MAN TGS 28.460 6x4*4 tractor of Voneschen from Rodels. Here it is equiped with a demountable loading box.

The entire subframe on which the PK60002E with PJ170E jib is mounted, is also demountable.

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