Hodel show - 2016 - 1

At the demonstration days at Hodel Betriebe in Grosswagen (CH) at the end of 2016 there where 3 Effer 955's to be seen. Interesting is the fact that all 3 outrigger versions where on display.

This is the V-Stab version. With this crane, the outriggers extend in a V-shaped pattern. Both outriggers are integrated into the crane foot and extend sideways and to the front, they give a K-shaped support with the rear outriggers.

This crane is mounted on a Scania G490 8x4 tractor from Aregger Transporte. The crane is an 8S version with a 6S jib, total outreach is 33,55 meters.

The outriggers don't extend past the front side of the cabe, but do give a lot of extra stability when lifting to the front. The crane foot is still very compact.

The chassis can also hold a small flatbed.

The lifting capacity to the front was demonstrated with a piece of concrete.

The 2nd Effer 955 in this row is from H.P. Maier and was mounted on this interesting Scania R730 8x4 tractor. The company Maier transports and sets up his own amusements rides with this crane truck.

They installed an Effer 955 in 9S version, no jib. Here they are using the winch. The crane reaches up to 22,94 meters and can still lift 2,31 tons there.

This 955 was equiped with the CrosStab outriggers. This version has got 1 fixed leg that extends sideways and to the front, it is mounted on this side of the crane.

Here it has got a flatbed that is now filled with a Smart. This Scania can also be used as a tractor. It is designed to have a very low 5th wheel height, as some rides would otherwise be to heigh.

The CrosStab version has got a swivveling outrigger on this side, which makes the setup on this side variable.

A very nice truck!

The 3rd version is the classic outrigger setup, meaning the 2 regular outriggers that extend to the left and right. To increase the capacity to the front, they installed an additional outrigger at the front.

This version can be installed very compact behind the cab.

The Scania has got a very long flatbed. As Switzerland allows for 40 ton total weight, this combination can still transport enough load.

This Effer 955 is in a 8S + 6S jib configuration, it was installed on a Scania G-class in 10x4*6 version of Affolter.

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