Visit Boekestijn

In April 2003 I visited the company Boekestijn from Maasland.(NL)
Here is an overview of the equipment that was at home.

Let’s start of with the smaller cranes. Here we see 2 x LTM 1055/1 and one LTM 1060/2.

Here a closer view on one of the LTM 1055/1’s.

Beside those stood this Liebherr LTM 1300/1.

The guying system for the boom is still mounted.

The cab of the upper-structure is folded backwards during the transport.

Moving on with this Scania R144G-460 6x4 with a 3-axled Nooteboom semi-lowloader.

The truck is equiped with a Palfinger PK 14080, a 14 ton/mtr crane for some ligth (un)loading jobs.

Boekestijns 2nd 300 ton Liebherr is this LTM 1300. Here we also find a guying system on the boom.

The ballasttruck for this 300 ton machine is this Scania.

It is a Scania R144G-530 8x4 with a Scania torque converter.

Coupled to that is a 6-axled Nooteboom ballasttrailer. This is loaden with the ballast frame, 5 ballast slabs and the plates for the outriggers.

The tractor still has the classic 2 + 2 axle layout, like Scania used to make them in those days.

Behind the cab we find 3 toolboxes mounted together to one frame.

The heaviest crane of Boekestijns fleet is this Liebherr LTM 1500. Here we see it with the 84 meter boom.

By using this seperate telescopic piece the 500 ton crane can be converted into a 50 meter unit. Therefore 3 other telescopic pieces have to be demounted from the 84 meter boom.

The guying system and a heavy hook are transported with this 5-axled Nooteboom ballasttrailer.

The ballasttruck for this LTM 1500 is this Mercedes Actros 4148.

Behind the Mercedes hangs a Nooteboom 6-axled ballasttrailer.

This Mercedes is equiped with a torque converter and some additional cooling behind it’s cab.

Unfortunately the truck was parked this way so that I couldn’t take a picture of the front.

The ballasttruck for Boekestijns Liebherr LTM 1160 is this Ginaf M 5350-TS with 430 hp. This is a 10x6 flatbed with a steering rear-axle. This Ginaf carries 2 x 12 and 1 x 11 ton ballast, and also the outrigger plates.

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