Transport of storage tanks

The company Zeppelin houses in Friedrichshafen. They build storage tanks and similar things. In Meckenbeuren, directly beside Friedrichshafen, there is a company called P + W that also produces storage tanks. Lately some of these tanks where transported. Here you will find pictures of some of these transports.

The company Voss from Dortmund came with 2 of these TG 460 A 6x2 tractors to Zeppelin.

This one was coupled to a 3-axled Goldhofer lowloader.

The dimensions of these tanks is the biggest problem. Most of them have a diameter of 3,5 to 4 meters.
They only weigh 4 to 5 tonnes.

On another day this beautiful Scania of Trans Annaberg from Poland came by at Zeppelin.

The tractor is a Scania 124L with the 470 hp engine. It is the Turbocompound version of the 12 liter engine.

The tractor was coupled to a 3-axled Goldhofer lowloader.

On the same day that Voss was there, also 3 trucks of Bolk came by. The first one is this DAF 95XF 480 6x2. It is owned by H.K.V. Transport from Hardenberg (NL) and it charters for Bolk.

Tool-boxes on both sides are mounted at the backside. The second axle can stay in the lifted position because the tank is so light.

These tanks where meant for Poland. That means a 2 night drive. The trailer is a extandable 4-axled Nooteboom semi-lowloader.

The second truck was also a charter for Bolk. This Scania 124L-400 belongs to Prins from Hengelo (NL). It also pulls a 4-axled Nooteboom semi-lowloader.

This truck also has a large toolbox mounted behind the Topline cab.

The third truck was a Bolk-owned unit. It’s a DAF 95XF 430 in 6x2 layout. It pulls a 3-axled Nooteboom semi.

One evening this Scania 144G-530 was parked at P+W and was ready for a trip to Hannover. The tractor is a 6x4 with a Topline cab.

The trailer is a 4-axled semi lowloader of Goldhofer of which all 4-axles are hydraulicaly steerable.

At the same evening I also saw this Scania 164G-580 of STL parked at Zeppelin, also ready to leave. The tank is 17,5 meters long and has a diameter of 3,5 meter.

Also this tractor is a 6x4 unit with a Topline cab. Both STL tractors where equiped with a hydraulic system for the trailer.

Behind the Scania hangs a extendable 4-axled Faymonville semi lowloader.

The next evening I saw this nice Scania 164L-580 6x2 at P+W. This truck charters for STL and is coupled to a extendable 4-axled Goldhofer semi lowloader.

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