Bauma 2019 - MPG

The turkish company MPG had the largest knuckleboom of the show this year, this is the MPG 450 9+6 crane.

This gigantic crane is mounted onto a Scania R730 that was ordered as an 8x4. JH Kran in Denmark then installed 3 additional axles, 1 in front of the tandem and 2 behind it. All these axles are steering. The maximum total weight of this vehicle is 80 ton, but in the current configuration it weighs around 72 tons.

Large side flaps where installed behind the cab. They put a big cooler for the crane and the raised exhaust behind them. The large front outrigger is mounted behind the 2nd front axle.

The crane is mounted far to the rear of the truck. Stability is provided by the ballast at te back of the crane, maximum 14 tons. The base crane extends 9x hydraulically and reaches 33,25 meters. At that distance it can still lift an load of 6,5 tons! Closer to the crane, for example at 20 meters, the capacity rises to 13,65 tons. The maximum load is 77 tons at 5 meters. It can be delivered with 2 manual extensions, with those an outreach of 40,48 meter with 3,5 ton is possible.

Photographing the entire crane wasn't easy, here you at least see the whole boom. The 6x extending jib gives 22,5 meters of additonal outreach, meaning a total of 55,78 meters with 620 kg capacity. The tilting height of the jib is at roughly 38 meters, the jib can lift a load of up to 10,14 tons at that height.

The rear has the regular sideways extendind outriggers and 2 outriggers that extend to the back. These can extend independently of eachother, so that on cramped locations you can put them at a different length.

An impressive crane of which already 2 where sold in Denmark, a 3rd unit is being built. Other units are sold to Israel.

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