Bauma 2019 - Jekko

An interesting crane in the higher segment of mini-cranes is this Jekko JF545. It is a collaboration between Jekko and Fassi. The tracked chassis is driven by a 74 hp Kubota engine that hangs at this side.

Jekko has chosen four cross type outriggers for this machine. Fully extended, they give a support base of 6,7 by 6,7 meters.

This crane has gotten the electrical powerpack as well, it is installed in the rear compartment. With that, the crane can run with power from the grid and therefore is emission free for usage indoor. The owner, Adekma Levage from Le Mans (F), also chose the optional winch that is mounted to the frame here.

The own weight of the crane itself is 13,7 tons, the ballast at the crane's turret adds 3,5 tons to that. The jib weighs also 1200 kg, so in total you get 18,4 ton which is quite managable to transport.The width over the tracks is 1,84 meter, the total length is 5,45 meter and with a height of only 2,745 meter, this machine will fit into most narrows spaces.

The crane that is used is the Fassi F545 in 6x extending version, combined with a 6x extending jib. This combination lifts a maximum load of 15,5 ton and can reach up to 28,2 meters iwth 600 kg. Such values are good for the heavier glas installation work, or for working at more height.

A nice crane solution of which already several are sold. There is also a smaller version available, the JF365.

To increase the capacity of the JF crane range, Jekko developed this new JF990. As the name already indicates, it is based on the Fassi F990.

With this crane a big leap upwards has been made against the current competition, aside from some special built one-off units with more lifting power. The concept is basically the same as the JF545, meaning it has a central crane frame with 4 swivveling outriggers mounted to it. These offer a maximum support base of 8,5 by 8,5 meter.

The drive concept is also similar, the powerpack again hangs at the front, only is now powered by a 110 hp Kubota engine. The package in the back again can hold the electrical powerpack. The own weight of this machine is now 20 tons for the base crane. There are 2 counterweights for the crane of 3 and 3,5 tons. The jib on this unit weighs 1680 kg, so that the crane weighs in at 28180 kg. Together with the necessary lifting tools, the total weight will be around 30 tons. Not really a mini crane anymore, but still a weight that can be transported rather easy. With 6,4 meter length, 2,14 meter width and 3,09 meters of height (without jib, with jib it's 3,43 meters) it is also still rather compact.

Here we have a better view on the crane base. The crane is mounted very low into this frame, to get the overall height as low as possible. The F990 was installed in the longest available version, the F990.2.28. Combined with the L616 jib, this crane will reach 31,85 meter far with 815 kg. The tilting height of the jib is at about 24 meters, with a horizontal outreach of 14,6 meters at that height. With 3 manual extensions, a total outreach of 37,25 meters with 265 kg capacity is possible.

The crane be equiped with numerous options, just like the JF545. There is a towing winch available, a workmans basket and different Fassi options to specify for the crane including many adapter parts. Off course a white-padded track is also available for indoor use.

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