Bauma 2019 - Hidrokon

Hidrokon displayed this Ford Cargo 3232S 8x2 from the turkish production. The Hidrokon crane is equiped with a cab and 3 x 1280 kg ballast (3480 kg total).

The crane model is the Hidrokon HK 135 K7 + L5. The base crane extends 7x hydraulically to 18,35 meter with 4,9 tons capacity. With 2 manual extensions it can reach 23,21 meter with 2,7 tons. The 4 side and 2 extending rear outriggers provide the stability.

With the L5 jib an outreach of 34,58 meter is reached with 600 kg, or with 2 manuals that is 40,15 meter and 170 kg.

Hidrokon now also offers a range of foldable cranes. This is the heaviest model, the HK 110 E8 + J12E6. This crane falls into the 110 t/m class. With it's 8 boom parts it can lift 2,96 tons at 20,73 meters. With 2 manual extensions on the base crane, that becomes 25,36 meters with 1,97 tons.

With the J12E6 jib, a 6x extending jib, an outreach of 31,63 meters with 710 kg capacity is possible. The jib can also have 2 manual extensions, which then give you 510 kg capacity at 34,56 meters.

The crane was installed onto a MAN TGA 41.400 8x4 truck.

This is the HK 65 E8 + J12E4, a crane that can lift 1,72 tons at 20,53 meters. Combined with the 4x extending jib, that is 590 kg at 28,85 meters.

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