Bauma 2019 - Fassi

At either entrance of the north area of the Bauma, Fassi had parked a truck. At the west entrance stood this nice Italian Scania G500 8x2 with Fassi F1650 of Bettarini from Livorno.

The 8x2 chassis is completely air suspended. They chose the half long cab from the G-series.

Behind the cab stands a Fassi F1650RA.2.28, meaning it extends 8x to 19,4 meters with 5,24 tons of capacity. With the L816 jib that extends 6x, it can reach up to 31,3 meters.

A flatbed was installed by BPM behind the crane.

At the east entrance the newest truck of Floßdorf could be seen, a company from Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler (D).

They chose a Mercedes Arocs 8x2. On that, a Fassi F1150RA.2.28 was installed, a crane that lifts 4 ton at 19,7 meters. With the L616 jib with JDP, it can lift 845 kg at 31,5 meters. With the JDP system (2 sections of the base crane don't extend) the jib becomes more powerful, it can then lift a maximum of 5,4 tons at 12,8 meter or up to about 20,5 meters of height. An additional set of outriggers where placed at the front of the chassis, offering more stability for crane usage to the front.

The body and crane where installed by A. Müller Fahrzeugbau.

This Mercedes Arocs 8x2 was also installed by Müller, it is owned by Riga Mainz. Here they also installed a Fassi F1150RA.2.28, only this time they used the version where the crane stands behind the stabilizers. This way, the installtion height of the crane becomes a bit less. Also the stability to the front should be a bit better, as the crane now stands behind the main stabilizers.

The entire body is meant for heavy industrial work, like machinery movements. The crane has gotten the heavy rear outriggers that are mounted above the subframe. With these high outriggers and tilting legs, it is often possible to overcome obstacles, which would have been in the way of a lower mounted outrigger. Therefore the body now cannot be used to carry a load, just to carry the utitilties that are needed for lifting.

This F1150 was also equiped with the L616 jib and has the same lifting values as mentioned above.

To keep everything low and compact, they have chosen the small short Arocs cab. Also a set of outriggers where mounted at the front of the chassis for more capacity during lifting jobs to the front.

The heaviest Fassi, the F2150, was also at display. It was installed onto a Volvo FH 10x4 of Jurda Hebetechnik from Heilbronn (D), it was installed by Lyma Autokran.

The installation also includes a chassis reinforcement to the front and a heavy outrigger there. This way the crane still has a very good capacity when used over the cab.

The foot of the crane is not mounted directly behind the cab, but a little bit further behind it. This gives a better distribution of weight, especially to not overload the front axles. Also the distance to the front outrigger increases, which helps with the stability in that direction. Due to the 5-axled chassis, the rear outriggers are still at a good distance for stability in this region.

A F2150RA.2.28 was installed, which is also a 8x extendig crane. This reaches up to 19,4 meters and can still lift an impressive 6,5 ton at that distance. The 6x extending jib gives a total outreach of 31 meters.

The rear outriggers where mounted below the body. This truck probably has no loading capacity within the german road regulations, but during a machinery movement it is often very handy if you are able to transport a load on the flatbed while you are on the site.

This side of the chassis holds the seperated mufler, a handy system for complex installations like this. Also the dieseltank is mounted here, due to the short wheelbase it couldn't be very big.

At ES-GE stood this Actros 3351 6x4 tractor unit with a Fassi F485RA.2.27 crane. It has got 7 extensions that will extend to 18,9 meters with 1635 kg capacity.

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