Bauma 2019 - Erkin World Power

Erkin also had some big news. Up till now they mainly build the non-foldable crane, which is ok for many heavy applications, but it isn't always desired in Europe.

That is why Erkin now also enters the market of foldable crane, up till 106 t/m currently, but now they presented this brandnew ER-172.000 which is a direct competition to the 150 to 175 t/m class cranes.

De complete name is ER-172.000 A-9, which means that it extends 9x hydraulically. With that, it can reach up to 20 meters far and lift 4,7 tons there. A 6x extending jib gives 31 meter total outreach.

This lifting table was pictured on the side of the crane.

The crane was installed on a Renault C460 in 8x2 layout. With the mentioned total weight of 31,35 tons, it is able to use it all over Europe, as it stays below the usual 32 tons limit.

The crane can fold down competely behind the cab, which leaves a free flatbed. Also a configuration as a tractor unit is possible with this setup.

And interesting competitor between the common brands in this segment!

Beside the Renault stood this 5-axled Volvo FM of Skaks, the importer of Erkin in Denmark.

At the back of the truck we see this ER-265.000 L-10 crane, a 10x extending unit. Unfortunately I don't have the lifting table of this crane, but from Skaks I have seen that it can reach up to 41,5 meter with 2 manual parts. With the 7x extending jib and 2 manual parts, an outreach of 53,5 meter or height of 58,5 meter is possible.

The crane was mounted onto a Volvo FM in 10x4*6 layout. At the rear of the crane we see the arms that hold the ballast, none of that is installed at the moment.

Skaks owns several of these cranes already, if I am correct this would number 6 in their fleet.

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