Bauma 2019 - Cormach

Cormach had this nice Scania G500 of MinoEge on display, although it was parked a bit cramped.

This Scania holds the largest foldable Cormach crane, the 150000X E8F308 HP. This crane extends 8x to about 17 meters with 5,58 tons capacity. With the 8x extending jib it can reach 32 meters with 1,3 ton capacity. Maximum load that the jib can carry is 11,11 tons.

Behind the crane they installed a small flatbed for some load or lifting materials. The installation was done by Cormach's own Centro Gru.

The X in the name indicates that the crane is equiped with cross legs. They extend sideways and to the front, thus providing stability in both directions. The outriggers are mounted on top of each other, this is the lower side, the right side is mounted on top of this. This setup doesn't need a front outrigger anymore, but the crane moves back about 30 cm to make room for the outriggers.

This is the same crane, but now without a jib or cross legs. The outriggers where mounted on top of each other as well here, to save installtion length. The dimensions of this crane are identical to the 135000 model, but the lifting values are a bit higher.

The gap between the 135000 and the 95000 is now filled with this new 110000 crane. The E8 version extends 8x to 19 meters with 3,7 ton capacity. Combined with a jib, it will reach about 31 meter with 1,23 tons.

This is the version with the regular outriggers, also mounted on top of each other. The X-version with cross legs is also available. This crane is sold to the company il Parmense near Parma.

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