Gottwald AK 850 - Schmidbauer KG

In September 2003 this Gottwald AK 850 of Schmidbauer KG from Gräfelfing was at work at the power plant of Munich. Lets start with a overview of the site. To the left we see the chimney parts that are being build. Behind those was a Demag AC 395 of Duro-Dakovic/Montaza from Croatia. Behind the AK there where 2 more cranes of Schmidbauer. And then there where also 2 tower cranes for the lighter building materials.

Here the AK850 is lifting a chimney piece. The AK 850 is standing here with about 54 meters of main boom together with 59 meters of luffing jib. The pieces weight in at about 90 tons. Unfortunately the building site was very full and narrow so that it was hard to get any good pictures.

Lets take a closer look at the machine. The undercarriage has 10 axles of which 4 are driven. This crane used to have a one-piece upper structure. Later on it was cut in two pieces to keep up with axle load regulations.

Here we can clearly see the spot where it has been seperated. The complete rear-part, together with the A-boom is being transported on a lowloader.

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